This week’s art activity was plaster casting. This activity was very interesting as this was my first time working with plaster. First, we dug up a hole deep enough to place our hands in. This first step was already a challenge because we forgot to bring a shovel so we had to use our hands. After that, we got wet sand and made sure to pack our hands so it wouldn’t collapse. Then, we slowly took out hands out of the mold. Next, we mixed the plaster. I mixed mine for too long so it hardened quickly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pour it in the mold. Luckily, a friend had extra plaster that I was able to use. After pouring the plaster into the mold, we waited for 30 minutes. Finally, it was time to take the mold out. My mold didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to because I put my fingers way to close together so it wasn’t very noticeable on the plaster mold. Although it didn’t turn out correctly, this activity was still fun overall because I got to spend time with my friends as we struggled together.