I’ve always pondered about the various situations in life that could be dangerous. People die for many reasons: disease, old age, accidents, and even suicide. When I thought about how I wanted to die, what I figured out is that I didn’t want it to be boring. I wanted to be out adventuring the world, so I thought that falling off a cliff when I’m exploring would be a likely fate.

The moon was barely out, making the night sky especially dark. This influenced me to choose a place called the “Sunken City” as the setting for my scene. With one of my friends, I explored the place and was able to find a cliff to take pictures from. One problem that occurred was that it was hard to take pictures with no lighting, so we asked some strangers who were also there to help us. A few moments after, a couple came by, laughed, and asked, “Are you dying?” My friend and I also laughed at what we were doing. These two situations made me think that though death is almost always associated with sadness, dealing with death doesn’t necessarily always have to be. For example in this activity, the topic of death brought enjoyment and laughs.

Overall, I had fun creating this scene. It’s a unique assignment; I don’t think I would’ve thought and done this in another circumstance. It provided variety to the usual “book study” work I do.