Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Acrylic, ink, digital media, pastel, gouache
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: @maypta

About the Artist

May Ta along with her family originally came from Vietnam. She’s one of the only artist in a family of scientists. Although her family wanted her to also pursue a field in science, she eventually did what she truly wanted to do and decided to major in Art. She is currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Ta is a student in the School of the Art’s illustration program.

Formal Analysis

Ta had many different art pieces with different medias in the Dutzi gallery. Ta’s pieces had a variety of colors ranging from light, neutral to dark colors. She mainly used straight lines using either a paintbrush, ink or printed through digital media. Each piece were different from one another but most usually show isolation of a person.

Content Analysis

This exhibition was a collaboration between May Ta and Carly Lake. They focused on intimacy and isolation with themselves. Ta wants to portray a persons relationship with themselves. Her artwork shows a person by themselves without anyone around. The gallery was designed as a person living alone which shows their personal space and isolation from others.


Walking into this gallery, I noticed that it was different from the others. I first noticed a bed and a chair which made it seem like a person is living there alone. As I explored the gallery a little more, I noticed that most of the art pieces on the wall includes a person by themselves. This immediately caught my attention as I can relate to it. There are times where even when you’re surrounded by people, you still feel like you’re by yourself. There are also times when you just want to be by yourself and have that peace and quietness from everything else.