Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane Weibel
Psycho Cycle
Media: Ceramics, Mixed media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East Gallery
Website: janeweibel.com
Instagram: @janemargarette
Email: janeweibel@gmail.com

About the Artist

Jane Weibel is on her last semester at CSULB working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the School of Art’s Ceramics program. Weibel lived in San Diego and first went to San Diego Mesa College. She explored multiple different majors, such as Biology, Therapy and Nutrition; however, she realized that those majors weren’t for her and eventually came to art. She has been working with ceramics for around five years. Weibel chose ceramics because she said that you can basically do anything you want with it if you do it correctly.

Formal Analysis

Weibel’s art pieces were very colorful. Each piece from this gallery is mainly about feminism. On one part of the gallery, there is a big and colorful cage looking piece that can resemble a quilt. It was very intriguing. This cage was made out of plastic and domestic items connected by zip ties. On another part of the gallery, there are multiple pieces of a woman’s photo with rocks on top of them.

Content Analysis

Weibel’s pieces mainly features feminism and represents how women are seen and treated by society. The meaning behind the photographs of women under a rock is to show how they are often overlooked, put in difficult situations and stepped on and this is what Weibel is trying to convey to  people. The cage created by domestic items represents how most women usually stay at home and do everything such as cooking, laundry, cleaning and taking care of children. Although, women in 2016 have been very successful, these gender roles and “psycho cycle” that women have to go through still exists today.


Walking into the gallery, you can immediately notice the aesthetically pleasing art pieces. Each piece is very captivating to the eye as they were very colorful and unique. Although her pieces were very colorful, each one has a negative and sad meaning to it. For example, the colorful cage is about women who feel trapped and can’t get out of whatever they’re going through. As a woman, this is very relatable.