ACP.jpgThis art care package activity was very enjoyable as I got to look back on pictures and memories that I haven’t seen in a while. I decided to send this package to my friend in Korea because I haven’t seen her in a while. This package mainly consist of pictures as each picture has a story full of memories with it.

Sending an art care package is similar to sending a Snapchat because you send what you want them to see. Or maybe you just thought about them. It’s also different because you have to put effort and think about what the person likes, memories about each other, etc. It more sentimental and meaningful, whereas Snapchat could be a single goofy picture of yourself. Snapchat is very instantaneous and can send with a click of a button while an art care page takes a while. With the countless innovation in technology and social media, sending a mail/letter is very rare these days because doing things online is just so much more convenient.

Ephemera can either be trash or treasure depending on how the person views it. For example, a concert ticket or a picture may be considered trash after a while, but when you look at it, you remember all the memories that happened at that moment and will treasure it for a long time.
Art seen at a museum versus the art that is seen in an Art Care Package are very different. Art in a museum is meant for a large variety of audiences while and art care package is only for that specific person and only you guys understand the meaning behind it.