Exhibit Information

Artist: Yingying Fu
Exhibition: The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean
Media: Oil, Canvas
Gallery: Max L. Gatov West Gallery
Website: N/a
Instagram: N/a

About the Artist

Yingying Fu is an artist who moved to the United States from China three years ago. She is a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach working towards her Masters of Fine Arts in the School of Art’s drawing and painting program. This exhibit is her thesis show, which she accomplished by taking pictures at the beach and then translating them onto the canvas.

Formal Analysis

The process of doing this exhibit took about two years. Looking at these oil paintings, it is evident that she put a lot of work and effort into it. Each painting looks alive as if you’re actually at the beach and looking at these different situations. She used very vibrant colors and each painting was very detailed.

Content Analysis

Each piece in the exhibit takes part to create a whole picture. For example, the guy holding a surfboard that’s walking towards the water is about to surf, the lifeguard sitting down and watching people from afar, guys cleaning themselves up after enjoying a day in the beach, and people sunbathing and laying down on the sand. All these images are what you see when you’re at the beach.

Synthesis/My Experience

Walking through this gallery is very enjoyable. It makes you feel as if it’s summer again with no worries about school and just chilling at the beach. All the pieces were very straight to the point and there wasn’t much to analyze as it’s just pictures of things we encounter on a daily basis.