1. Do you think the term “Social Network” as applying to your RL life and your RL physical friends? Or mostly to online and mobile tools that connect you to people in cyberspace?
    • I think the term “social network” applies to real life. Each person we meet contributes to our life social network. The more people you meet, the more connections you have.
  2. Does Dunbar’s Number make sense to you? That we can only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships, and any others we know will be in more fragmentary ways?
    • I agree with that statement. If anything, the number should be less as 150 is a little to high for me personally.
  3. What does it mean to have 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 Facebook “friends”? Who are these people? What sorts of relationships do you have to them?
    • I have almost 600 “friends” on Facebook and in reality, I’m only close to about 20-25 of them. These are the people that I’ve met throughout middle school, high school, college and any other activities that I did. Some of them are also family members from different parts of the world.
  4. When we visualized our Art110 Social Network, or when you visualized your personal Social Network, did anything surprise you? Did you find any connections or relationships that you hadn’t thought about or realized any different connections?
    • It’s always a surprise when someone you know is mutual friends with someone you did not expect. For example, I didn’t expect that a close friend of mine would know someone from a co-ed fraternity that I’m in.
  5. What’s your Personal Number? How many people would you like to have close relationships with in your life? 1? 10? 100? 1,000?
    • My personal number would probably be less than 20. I prefer to have more genuine friendships/relationships than have a lot of “friends.”
  6. Do you have more “friends” on Facebook or some other platform than are truly your “friends”? What is your relationship to those “extra friends”? Have these weak ties ever brought you new resources like a job opening, someone to date, a cool event, info for something you were working on, etc?
    • Yes, I do have more “friends” on Facebook and Instagram than real close friends. As I mentioned earlier, I like to have a small number compared to my 600 “friends” on social media. These “extra friends” are just acquaintances that I’ve met through school, work and extra curricular activities.