Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness
Exhibition: Waste of Time
Media: Yarn
Gallery: Merlino Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: @levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is a 4th year undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach working towards her Bachelors of Fine Arts in the School of Art’s Fiber Art program. Her artworks are completely done with weaving. Her grandmother taught her what she currently knows.

Formal Analysis

Aasness’ artworks  are very colorful piece of hand made fabric. Each piece has exactly 26 columns and each square are all one inch by one inch that represents a letter of the alphabet. They are made of thin and soft thread. She finished the bottom of her pieces by tying the loose strands like a fringe which made it look more hand made. Although each piece looked very similar, they all have a different meaning and phrase encoded into them.

Content Analysis

Aasness’ work has a message in it. Some of these statements include, “Takes one to know one. I’m rubber you’re glue. I know you are, but what am I,” Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I have ever known,” To call it cute is to misunderstand,” “Speak up keep it down,” etc. Her artwork is a form of freedom that doesn’t follow the social norms. It can be put in any direction: left, right, up or down.


Walking into this gallery, I thought it was very different from the others. This was one of the first galleries that didn’t have photography, painting or any other common medias. Though, I didn’t feel a connection right away, I thought it was very relatable after hearing her explanation.