When I upload pictures on Instagram, it’s mostly of my family, friends and I on certain occasions or adventures that we go to. I don’t usually post food on Instagram. Most of those pictures are posted on Snapchat instead. On this day, I had late classes so my friends and I went hiking. It was a cold morning but it was worth it. After that we went to get desserts then went to school. The collective posts from the people in Art110 shows how different people’s lives are from each other. I saw pictures of people in class, doing homework, eating food, skateboarding, selfies, and the most shocking one of all, a funeral. This saddens me because I thought I had an awesome day; however, someone else lost a loved one and had one of the worst days. This activity was very interesting because I saw a glimpse of the many different events that happened in people’s lives in just one day from pictures that were posted.