My three favorite art activities this semester are Landscapes with a Corpse, Art Care Package and Finger Painting. I enjoyed Landscapes with a Corpse because it’s not something anyone would normally do. No one really talks about death or how they would like to die and this activity lets us experience that. Art Care Package was also nice because we get to send memorable and sentimental things to someone I haven’t seen in a while. It also allowed me to take a break from social media and send it through mail. The Finger Painting activity was also very enjoyable because it lets you reminisce about the fun times you had as a little kid.

My three least favorite art activities this semester are Sketching in the Garden, Vlogs and Instagram. These activities were not bad but I just didn’t enjoy them as much as others. Although Sketching in the Garden was very relaxing, I didn’t really have fun with it. Maybe because I’m just not good at sketching. As for the Vlogs and Instagram, I don’t really post on social media as much, which is probably why I also didn’t enjoy it. It felt very awkward talking in front of the camera or posting multiple pictures throughout the day. Also, most of the students had their account on private, including mine, so I was not able to see everyone’s photos.

I think the Hybrid format worked perfectly one day was all the time we need to do the artist/classmate conversation. If anything, this class can be completely online but I prefer the hybrid format more. The artist conversations were very interesting as they get to talk about their work. As for the classmate conversation, I thought that it was nice to meet them; however, I didn’t really keep in contact with any of them. The weekly blog post were a helpful reminder of what we need to do. Though, I think that the samples of what the classmate did is unnecessary since the activity was already over. Maybe include past students’ work as an example the same week as that activity? In my opinion, I don’t think the ePortfolio was useful to me at all. I think that using WordPress is great. It’s a website that keeps all your post compared to using Dropbox or a discussion post on BeachBoard.